Saturday, December 7, 2013

My Great Grandparents

My great grandfather:

 Daniel Trigg Edingburg,

  b: May 15, 1852, Abingdon, Washington County, Virginia
d: Sept. 22, 1926, Chattanooga, Hamilton Co, TN.

Married to:

MinnieHaha Martha McKeldin

b: Dec, 1 1855 Athens, McMinn County, TN
d: Dec 6, 1940  Chattanooga, Hamilton Co, TN.

Daniel and Minnie were married on:
June 28, 1877 Athens, TN

There is an article in a book about Daniel, Compiled by:  J.Bliss White.

The article about Daniel is on page 56 and this book is where I got my photo of him.

My cousins Mark and Sue are the ones that discovered this book while doing some research on the Edingburg family. I eventually bought the book , Mark told me that there was a Zuber listed in the book also and sure enough my other gr grandfather was there.
Also listed on the back pages are some homes and Daniel's home is there, Daniel built this house himself, I was born in Chattanooga and lived in the house. In 1962 the house had to be torn down because the city wanted a highway to go through right where the house stood. That was very very sad for me.  So much history and memories in the house. But I do have pictures of my parents, aunt , myself at the home outside and inside. 

Daniel eventually bought the property to the right of this picture and that side fence was taken down..there was a small cottage in the back of the house which you can partially see and that is where Daniel's son William lived. 
I'm not sure who the woman is standing in the front since they don't say in the article but I am assuming that it is probably Minnie. She's about the right size in shape.
My room was upstairs, I had an upright piano that I would try to play that was in the sitting room.   All of Daniel's children lived in this home and of course me, his great granddaughter. 
After they tore the house down, I still went back to Chattanooga once a year and stayed with my Great Aunt Blanche for two weeks.  That was my summer vacation. I would fly down by myself. That was from 1962 until 1968. 
I was twelve years old when they tore the house down.

More of the Daniel story to continue:

Source Citations:
J. Bliss White


  1. Welcome to the fold Xzanthia! Very proud of you & what beautiful, regal Ancestors! Looking forward to Daniel's story... off to a splendid start!:)

  2. Awesome blog Xzanthia..I loved reading the details & history of your family.

    1. Thank you very much Terrence, I've enjoyed writing.