Saturday, December 7, 2013


I've been keeping in touch with all my new cousins, Preston the cousin that contacted me on Rootsweb, made arrangements that following Spring of 2010 to come to Missouri to see us. 
He came with his wife and two boys.  
It was a very emotional moment for me finding and meeting a new cousin, especially since I already knew who our common ancestor was.
They stayed the weekend, we discussed lots of family information, told stories and had a wonderful time.
Year: 2010

After their visit I decided to look on Facebook just to see if I could find any one with the surname Edingburg.  I found one young woman who looked like she might be related to me, and I actually went by the freckles on her face that determined that she might be, so I sent her a message asking her if she had any relatives with the first name Roscoe, then I told her that his real name was : Theodric Roscoe Edingburg, she replied she sent me a friend request.
   From that I got a message from her uncle that he was related to Roscoe, I wrote back saying that Roscoe was my great uncle and that I knew him when I was little and he was my grandmother's brother.
Wow that was the beginning of a new set of cousins again in Chicago..another branch of the family.
Now so far I've found Daniel Trigg Edingburg Jr.'s branch which is Preston and those cousins, then I find Roscoe's branch which is Mark and his siblings nieces and more. These are all second cousins of mine.
We also exchange photos Mark and I and I found more on Facebook with Mark's help.
My family tree is growing by leaps and bounds by now, like I said  I now have a big tribe of family living in Chicago.

Me and my cousin Preston. 2013

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