Monday, July 4, 2016

+Daniel Zuber, to Appear in Court

Daniel Zuber is my 5th gr grandfather, he was born in 1710 in Newtown, PA, and died: 1785 Brecknock, Lancaster Co. PA.   He married Elizabeth Betchel, born, 1730-1782

While doing some research and updating my family tree this showed up in my Ancestry Hints last night. It was so hard to read some of the document so I posted it on Facebook to a group I am in called Random Acts of Genealogical Kindness ,and they deciphered it for me. Thank you very much to the group for doing this.

It says May

Daniel Zuber being three times solemnly called & not appearing.  Recognizance forfeited & respited till tomorrow morning.
Abraham Whitmores & Henry Whitmores Recognizance called Forfeited and respited till tomorrow morning.

George Weidle, Martin Myers & Benjamin Myers Recognizance called & forfeited -- forfeitures afterwards taken off By the Court ? ? prime? minutes

Daniel Zuber ( Felony ( illeg---)
? Confession

Prisoner being brought to the Bar & being asked why sentence of Death should not be passed upon him pleaded a Pardon had?  In the hand of the president by order of Council & under the State Seal which was read in open Court and allowed.

Lancaster County Ss.

The CommonWealth of Pennsylvania
Henry Doern ...Tent in ...500 ( pounds)
Doern ... in 500 ( pounds
George Hoofnagle ... In 500 ( pounds)
Peter Row .... In 500 ( pounds)
The Condition of this Recognizance is such that you & each of you do personally appear in this Court of Oyer & Terminer & General Goal in an ACtion brought against Daniel Zuber for Passing Counterfeit Continental 40 Dollar Bills and you are not to depart said Court until legally discharged by due course of Law.
September 5th 1799

M?Lutely? or N?Hubley?

Daniel Zuber tent in 200 ( pounds)
Abraham Whitmore Tent in 50 ( pounds)
Peter Row Tent in 50 (pounds)
upon condition that if Daniel Zuber should? personally be and appear before the Justices of the ? Court of Oyer & Terminer to be held at Carlisle to testify agn Valentine Schockey etc ? & not depart etc?

I haven't established if Daniel was put in jail or if he had to pay the 200.  The legal terminology is something hard to decipher for me anyway.
If I find out I will post an update to this page.

Random Acts of Genealogical Kindness

My Personal thoughts on July 4th

When I think of the July 4th, it's a regular day nothing special. 

 If I want to think deeper on the 4th of July, I go back to when the Native Americans were being slaughtered, stolen from, lied to, then from there I can go to the Africans who were brought here to be sold into slavery. I think of the White House and all the plantations homes being constructed by Slaves. The indentured people who had to serve a person for up to 10 years sometimes just to become a free person. 
The Mexicans having to fight to try to keep Texas and all the other land that they had before the greedy Americans came and wanted to take it.

  America is based on Steal this,  lie and cover your tracks, sign a treaty with the Native Americans, but don't ever honor it. Make sure when you take the land from them that if you find gold or anything worth money that you can take it back.
Also make sure that the Black people can't read or write so they won't know what's going on around them.

The Statue of Liberty and how she wasn't even suppose to look like she does because America didn't want a Black Woman Statue.  I see the founding slaveholding fathers signing the Declaration of Independence with nothing but lies backing up that document.  I see Native Americans being forced to go to Christian boarding schools and beaten, made to eat soap, and many horrible things if they spoke their true native language. Being brainwashed to take on a Cult Christian religion, then have the nerve to call the Natives heathens.
Then there are the Black people forced to give up their African spiritual beliefs and take the Christian Cult Religion which is so brutal, based on fear, control and greed.  

So for me the 4th of July is a reminder that the lies still continue nothing has changed, things are just disguised in different clothing. It doesn't matter to me if people disagree with me, they are entitled to their opinion as I am mine.
With all this said, I still don't understand how Black people and Native Americans can take on Christianity as their religion. That is mind blowing to me.