Thursday, November 20, 2014

+Clark History

This is some history I found about my Clark family. it's from Family Tree Maker,  Christopher Clark was my 8th great grandfather and his wife Penelope Bolling is my 8th gr grandmother.


Family Tree Maker,
Notes for Christopher Clark: 
Excerpts from Anthony roots and Branches, compiled by Nancy Vashti Anthony Jacob.,

+Christopher Clark, Millicent Mildred Terrell

I never thought in a million years that I'd find Quakers in my family tree.  Plus I really didn't think I'd be able to go back this far into my tree.  Growing up I knew nothing about this side of my family. These people are on my mom's father's side of the family, and my mom said she didn't know anything about them at all, never even heard of them.

My cousin Walter is the one who told me about this side of the family as he knew his grandfather Matthew Lawrence Davenport, and knew some of the surnames to get me started on my journey.  My deepest gratitude to my 1st cousin 1x removed Walter Banks for helping me with this side of my family, with out your help Walter I'd still not know anything about this side. 
 I was researching the Banks side when it was the Davenport and Boyd side that would have taken me down this road, which is where I am now. 
My Banks side is not going anywhere, Banks is the maiden name of my gr grandmother Harriet Banks, she had children with Matthew Davenport who is Caucasian and Matthew's mother's maiden name is Boyd. Matthew took care of all his 5 children with Harriet and his 6 children with Mary Rush, neither woman was he allowed to marry since they were both Black women, but Matthew did take responsibility of the children and they all got to know him very well.  He never married, he stayed with Harriet then Mary until he died.  

My 6th Great Grandparents are:

Christopher Clark born 1737 Albemarle , VA and died:  Sept 12, 1803 Elbert, Georgia.
Millicent Mildred Terrell born: June 7, 1741 Caroline, VA and died:  1800, Elbert, Georgia.

The Marriage record of Christopher and Millicent:

This is where I found the Quaker information:

Their children:

Christopher was the son of:

Christopher owned property in Kentucky, 1000 acres:

The Census of 1780:

Application for headstone for Christopher Clark.:

I've found different dates for Christopher's birth, but they are pretty close to each other.  So I just left the day and month blank on my information for now.

More Quaker documents:

How the Clark family might have arrived in U.S.A.

Some more information for me to research below:  

There are so many Christopher Clark people in the family it's almost hard to keep them straight.  I'm mainly posting this here for my future research also. 

These pages will be updated as I find our more information. 
This side of my family has a lot of history yet for me to write about. 


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Saturday, November 15, 2014

Boyd, Key, Grizzle, Clark

Since I seem to be at a standstill with a lot of my family research by not finding anything new, I decided to start some research on a different part of my family, this is the family I knew nothing about until around 2002.  These are my Caucasian side of the family.  

  I spend a lot of time researching the male side of the family mainly because they are easier to track with them keeping their surname and all, but this was a pleasant surprise. I found a lot of the women's maiden names
I'm going to start with my 3rd great grandparents:

Matthew Harper Boyd born 1809 in Newberry, South Carolina 
                                 died: Jan 15, 1877, Sumter Co. Alabama
He married:
Elizabeth Amanda Key, born : Oct 28, 1812 Georgia and died: 1857
Matthew and Elizabeth were married April 21 1832 in Greene Co. Alabama.
Matthew was also married to a Susan Maria Farrar and they had two children:
Absolom Farrar Boyd, and Chellie Rosanna Boyd.

These are all Matthew and Elizabeth's children that I know of so far.

My 4th great grandparents:

James Key and Rebecca Grizzle
James was born July 14, 1788, Georgia and died 1848, Alabama
Rebecca was born 1790 and died 1858.
Elizabeth Amanda Key was their daughter.

Apparently they were ignorant as I see they had 5 slaves.  

My 5th great grandparents:

William Bibb Key born Oct 2, 1759, Albemarle Co.Virginia, died: Dec 7, 1836 Elberton, Elbert Co. Georgia.
Mourning Clark born: Aug 12, 1764 Albemarle Co. Va and died: Jan 22, 1840 Elberton, Elbert Co. Ga.

Children:  Mildred Key and James Key

The headstone of Mourning Clark-Key.

I am going to continue this in my next post.  

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