Sunday, December 31, 2017

Happy New Year 2018

I hope everyone has a healthy, prosperous and fun New Year. I hope we get rid of the TRASH that's in the White House along with the Republicans who have shown that they care nothing about the citizens of this country.  I hope something drastic happens so we get rid of this moron in office.

I won't even go into how the year has been because everyone already knows. I've had a great Halloween/Samhain, my favorite and only holiday that I celebrate. I got a new sewing machine.  
My guitar playing is improving and I learn something new every day.  I'm still playing the hammered dulcimer and piano as well as once in a while I play the Psaltery and the Mandolin which aren't mine but I borrow them.
Our garden was great in some areas but not others but we were able to have great food for now and later.

I still do oil painting when I get the inspiration for doing it. Once I start I keep going and don't stop until it's finished.

I've met through Facebook some new DNA cousins and we are working on trying to find out common ancestor. That a long job and lots of research which will probably take me several

My New Year I celebrate in March at the beginning of Spring but I do this anyway.