Saturday, September 30, 2017

+Frankenstein and the White House

This doesn't have anything to do with genealogy, at all, this is my post so future generations of people will know that I am not a Trump supporter.

Trump is the most vile, disgraceful, evil, lower than scum, racist, KKK , Nazi lover and a total moron. Actually there isn't a word bad enough to describe him.  He's beyond low, he's lower than the gutter.
He is soulless, heartless, ignorant, he knows nothing about the constitution.  When Colin Kaepernick knelt, he totally explained why he was doing it in plain English where any person with a brain would understand. Yet this moron in the White House starts calling him SOB. wanting him fired. So apparently Trump doesn't know the constitution which gives Kaepernick the freedom to kneel, sit, stand, lay down anything he wants. Now the idiot in the White House wants to stop people from a peaceful protest.
Trump or as I like to call him,  Frankenstein, now has his stupid supporters, who as soon as he says something spreads like a virus all over, and now people with no brains in their head are now agreeing with him that the kneeling is against the flag, against the military veterans, against the country..Were are these idiots coming from.  As I said today, if Trump told his supports to go jump off a bridge they would ask" Which One" they apparently can't think on their own or even look up to find the truth they just follow the words of a total subhuman.

Trump is so busy playing golf while Americans are without water, food, housing, everything and he's concerned about some bill that he had to undo for 10 days. He is a disgrace to our country and the world. 
He is such a bigot that he has had to repeal everything that President Obama did..yet the Republicans say that Obama did nothing,,So if he did nothing then how can he repeal anything. Such a moron.

All Trump really knows how to do is divide the country and start a civil war. All Trump knows how to do is go on vacation, play golf, which I hope he loses. I don't wish anything good for this subhuman, I hope everything that he tries to do fails. I can't and won't ever call him the title that he holds. President Obama was my President. Trump is just a joke.  
His ego is so huge, he has to go on twitter and rant when he doesn't get his way.
He is disrespectful to women, has taken away women's health rights.  He brags about grabbing women, yet some women were stupid enough to vote for him.  Go figure.

There is nothing at all that I can say about this good for nothing  THING in the White House.

Also Pence is a woman hater, he's the scum of the earth and in the same category as Trump in my opinion. The Republican party stinks, they care only about their donors, their agenda and their pocketbooks and of course how they look. They can't wait to repeal ACA, yet they had 8 years to work on it to make it better and have nothing, they just want to repeal it because a Black President started it.  They don't care about the people having healthcare, if they did some Republican years ago could have given health care to the people but instead they wanted to keep charging tons of money to people for individual health insurance and those that couldn't afford it would just have to suffer, They don't care about healthcare they just want money in their pockets and the evil donors that pay them off to do their bidding.

The Democrats are spineless idiots also.  They can't get anything together and make it work. They can't seem to find good people to run for office and they don't seem to be able to speak up and fight for what they want. Bunch of wimps.  Both Republicans and Democrats have really stooped to an all time low.  

My favorite person that ran for President is Senator Bernie Sanders, He was my first choice. I think he would have made a great president. but he was ripped of by the Democrats. Plus the stupid people that decided not to vote because they didn't want Hillary, or they voted for Trump because they didn't want Hillary..well I voted for Bernie until he was out of it then I voted for Hillary, I can't stand Hillary but I felt she was a better choice than a KKK Nazi loving moron Trump.

Now the country is so divided and Trump is keeping it that way with his ignorant stupid moron self.

I just wanted to write my thoughts on this stupid jerk in the White House so if anyone in the future ever looks up to see what I thought about this subhuman in the White House you will know I would never vote for such a vile, lower than pond scum, blasted bigot.

The only good thing I can see coming out of this is we are finding out just how Racist this country really is, they are coming out of the woodwork like crazy. That's not a good thing but yet it is good to know where your enemies are and where.

Unfortunately I moved to a state  where there a plenty of bigots.  But I always speak my mind and let people know right away that I don't agree with their racism. I will never be quiet until I die. That's just me. I speak my mind and I don't care what anyone thinks.

And also I have never stood for the anthem or the flag since I was little for the same reasons as Colin Kaepernick. Native Americans, African Americans, Jewish, Spanish, Asian all people that are the minority aren't treated equal in this country, women aren't either, so I have never stood because of that, I was doing this way before all of this kneeling stuff started, I've been doing this since 1956. So This is old stuff for me but I continue to sit and most likely will forever because I don't see any justice happening in the near future if there is even one, with Frankenstein in the White House.

I'm glad to see that other people are kneeling.. I won't kneel I will continue to sit that's my way of protesting. but if there are no chairs I will kneel.  

I truly believe that humans really aren't suited to this planet, we are like a walking virus, we ruin everything we touch..destroy everything in our path and humans are getting worse by the minute.