Monday, August 21, 2017

Solar Eclipse , "September 21, 2017"

We went to Sullivan, Missouri to watch the Solar Eclipse. The drive up there was fast, no traffic on the way. we left at 7:30. stopped once, arrived about 9:30am.  We went to a Flying J Truck Stop..
There weren't many people there when we arrived so we got a good space on the end next to the grass front and that way no one would be beside us on the driver side.

Around 11 am more people arrived, but still it never did get packed.  There were people from Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, New Mexico, Mississippi, Texas, Oklahoma, Florida, Arkansas.
There were a lot of Amish people that drove in from Indiana, they said that they came in a big van load. the van was really long and loaded with Amish people old and very young.

The people that parked next to us were from Texas..

We stayed for the entire eclipse. it was awesome. Very happy that we went and stayed for the whole thing.  After that we headed home, there was traffic for about 45 minutes then it cleared and the rest of the trip were hardly any vehicles at all.
We arrived home at 7:30 pm. 

The woman in the photo taking a picture of the eclipse was parked next to us. when it went into it's Totality, the lights came on in the parking lot and she started pictures , she was from Texas. 
There were some really beautiful motor homes, travel trailers and vans, people were quiet then when the Totality happened they all started yelling like crazy.. it was quite funny.