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+Naomi Cleopatra Banks

Naomi 1969
My mother was born Naomi Cleopatra Banks on August 13, 1926 in Chattanooga ,Hamilton Co. Tennessee to, William Thomas Banks, and Lena Margaret Key.

Naomi in Chattanooga TN

Mom had two siblings an older brother William Thomas Banks Jr and a younger sister Lnita Banks.  Naomi's father William was a carpenter, mom said that her father built all the lawn furniture and was always building something, she said that her father loved to work in the yard.  I didn't get to know my grandfather because he died around 1939.
   After her father died her mom had to go to work, and when mom was 10 years old she went to work after school doing odd jobs, she also did sewing for people at a young age. 

Naomi, Lnita and William (Billy)

This photo I call the Banks kids number one, it was pretty cool that they took pictures of the siblings at different stages of their growth. I like Uncle Billy's socks, they remind me of the Little Rascals on television.
Mom said that all her teenage years she wanted to be a violinist and play for an orchestra.  She never did fulfill that dream, but she did learn how to play the piano, not quite the same thing but at least it was an instrument.

Naomi, Billy, Lnita

Here are the Banks Kids number 2, a little more grown up.  They don't seem to like to smile for the camera.

I don't know what grade school mom attended, I do know she attended Howard High School in Chattanooga, she was always an A student.  She told me a few years ago that she loved doing the school plays, and she was in all the drama clubs and participated in everything they had to offer, I would never have thought that she would have liked that in a million years. 

Naomi, High School
This is my mom during her high school days, she said that she worked in her brothers photography shop after school developing film and colorizing the photos to earn money so she could buy material to make her clothes, she said that she made this dress ( on the left)  for a school dance.
Naomi High School Prom

This next photo is another dress my mom made for her High School prom.
She really loved to sew.  When my brother and I were born, she even made our winter coats and dress coats for special occasions, they looked like they were bought in a department store. She put the linings in and everything. 

Naomi at College
After high school mom went to Clark College in Atlanta, Georgia which is now Clark Atlanta University.  She was in a Sorority but at the moment I can't think of the name of it. Something with three words and I know it had Sigma in it.  I have her sorority pin packed away so will have to get it and then update this later.
In 1945 while at Clark College she contracted tuberculosis, and had to leave and be put in a sanitarium, she was in there a little over a year.  I think she said that she only got to stay in the college 3 years.  There was a new drug that they gave my mom called streptomycin which really saved her life, and shortened her stay in the facility.

A little history about my mother and father, their families knew each other while my mom and dad were children.  My mom's mother use to shop at the grocery store that my father's grandfather owned.  While my dad was overseas in World War 2, my mom was in the hospital and wrote him quite a bit.  My dad was released from the service on January 6, 1946 and in March 20, 1946 my mom married  Shantung Edingburg Zuber in Rossville, Walker Co, Georgia.

I have a photo of the sanitarium where my mom stayed while getting treatment for TB, but I never did find out the name of the facility.  Mom didn't like to talk about having TB so it was like pulling teeth to get anything out of her.  When I would try to talk about it she would always change the subject.  She acted like it was shameful, she wouldn't even tell her new doctors that she had TB when she moved in with us, I had to tell them why her one lung was collapsed and we don't know why they didn't inflate her lung back then.  

After she moved in with us in 2009, I started really asking her questions but the TB subject never did get anywhere.  I remember when I was in school, and they would give TB test in , I would get my test and she was a nervous wreck until it was clear that I didn't have it. She would look at those four marks on my arm every day until they said I was okay.  I think we did those test every year and she went through the same thing every time, or just worrying herself into a frenzy.  I started calling mom a worry wart after that, she worried about everything.  I'm very happy that I didn't get the worry bug from her, she use to tell me that she wished that she wouldn't worry like my dad and I, we saw now sense in worrying about something that couldn't  be prevented. I use to tell her she had worrying down to an art, she could give lessons in it.

Billy, Lnita, Naomi
Here are the Banks kids number 3,  This was taken in Vallejo, California, I'm not sure of the year, could be around 1960.

My mom and dad also had a son named Shantung Edingburg Zuber born 1959.  

Mom went back to college through out the years,  She attended New York City College while she worked.  She worked at a brokerage firm called Bache and Company on Wall Street NY.  She worked there for many years then moved to Merrill Lynch also in NY.  Then she totally went for a complete change of work and quit, moved to NJ and started her own doll business. She kept the doll business going for many years, my father actually quit his job and they both did the business until he died.. After that my mom went back to school again, and was then hired by Boy Scouts of America, and worked there until she retired  in 2005.

Naomi with JoJo
My mom worked full time went to school so I didn't get to spend a lot of time with her.   She loved working much better than staying home.  We were very well taken care of, she was a good mother, very generous person, and she was always happy when something good happened to someone else, she was never jealous or envious of anyone.  She had a nice smile and loved to laugh.  Also the other side of her was a demanding type person in a way and was a bit on the fussy side.  I always said she took her fussy way from her mother.

The Banks Kids Number 4, California
Lnita, William, Naomi

Here again are the three siblings together in California.

Naomi  High School TN.

This photos of mom was almost destroyed, another photo was stuck to it for many years.  

Naomi  TN.

This is mom in Chattanooga, TN.  In 2009 my mom's health was deteriorating so we went out to New Jersey and moved her into our home,  She was happy to come here, but she really never got over having to retire because of her health.  She had asthma but after moving here the asthma never became an issue.   She lived with us until April 31 2012 where she passed away in her sleep from natural causes at the age of 85.

Having my mom living with us was nice at times, a nightmare other times but that seems to go with the territory of having someone else living with you that has to depend on you for things.  She was always able to get around on her own with a walker, she never became bedridden or anything like that.   Putting my mom in a nursing home was never an option, I knew it was going to be hard on all of us but now looking back on it, I'm glad that I did it.  Now she's happy I'm sure, with my dad, probably traveling to see all the sights.

Update: 3/9/2014

 I just received this certificate through a Random Act of Kindness from Boyd J, Holdaway. He found my mom and dad's marriage certificate. Thank you Boyd.

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+Susan Love-Zuber ( 52 Ancestors #9)

    My search for my great grandmother Susan Love-Zuber began back in 2001,at that time I didn't know either of my gr grandparents names. Once I started researching on the internet I found my great grandfather's name Jordon L. Zuber but all I had for his wife's name was Susan or Susie in some of the census records.
Eventually after many Rootsweb posts someone there found Susan's maiden name in 2010 and the bonus was they found her parents names, their place of locations and her siblings. Also listed was her mother's parents names and their children.
Susan was born:  Susan L. Love b: April 1876 in Etowah County, Alabama to William Love b: 1850 N.C., and Leah Whorton b:  1854 Alabama.

In the 1880 Census Susan has two brothers and three sisters.
Henry Love  b: 1872  AL
Oma Love    b: 1873   AL.
Alice Love   b:  1874   AL
Maggie Love b: 1875   AL
Love ( 6 months old boy) b: 1879 AL
Leah is listed as married but William her husband isn't listed on this census and I haven't been able to find him on any other census.

Susan and Jordon Zuber marry January 16,1895, Susan is 19 years old. Also note that Susan's father in this  1900 census is listed as being born in Tennessee. Also Susan's listed as being born in Tennessee.  

It says in the 1900 census that Susan cannot read or write but she does understand English, and she's not working outside the home.
Also Garnett the oldest son is Jordon's son from his first marriage, this isn't listed in the census but I already knew this fact.

Susan and Jordon are living with their children:
Garnett Zuber b: !891 Rome GA.
Shantung Zuber b: 1896, TN
James Zuber b: 1900 TN

In the 1910 census Susan is living with Jordon and their children:

Shantung, Cephus and two new children:
Alberta b: 1903 TN
Elbyra b: 1906 TN

The census taker spelled their names wrong most of the time especially Cephus and Elbyra.
Jordon is a retail merchant and Susan isn't working outside the home.  They owned a grocery store since before 1904. They still have the birth places wrong.

I've searched for them in the 1920 census but haven't found them yet. In the 1930 census they are still living in Chattanooga with some of their children and one grandchild.
Jordon is still in the retail grocery business. Susan is a Hairdresser at home, Cephus is 29 still living at home and single he's working as a Sprayer for an Enamel Plant, Alberta is working at a Dress Cleaning Plant as a Presser and Elbyra is doing nothing.  Elbyra's son Louis Woods is living in the household.

What I know of Louis is, he was born in Michigan about 1927, his father was from Canada.  From the stories I've heard, Louis grew up to be a very handsome young man, but he hung around trouble makers quite a bit, gambling and all sorts of things that were illegal, he use to visit my dad quite a bit when they were teenagers, he apparently did one bad thing and got himself stabbed to death at a very young age. I haven't found his death certificate or anything about his death. it could have been in Detroit Michigan or Chattanooga, All I know is he didn't show up anymore and my dad found out he'd been killed. My dad said that he was okay when he visited, didn't get into trouble but when he left to go back home he would start getting into trouble again.
   Elbyra was about the same as her son Louis, she stole my grandmother's check's out of the mail box and was cashing them.  I asked if they turned her in and apparently they didn't but it ended.  I don't know if she got any kind of help or punishment for that but she did things like that a lot. So her son followed right in her footsteps. Elbyra died at a young age, 36 from Physical Exhaustion, Manic Depressive Psychosis, it says manic type for 12 years previous as stated on her death certificate.
So I'm sure Susan and Jordon had their hands full with her living at home again.
Susan dies on July 31, 1939 after being in Erlanger Hospital for 3 days.  She dies of arterial hypertension, arterialsclerosis, Cerebral hemmorage Rt. hyperstative pneumonia. She was buried in Highland Cemetery, Chattanooga TN. She is survived by her husband Jordon.
She died in the hospital I was born in.

Some things I would like to find out:
What happened to Susan's father William, he didn't show up in any of the census records.  Was he working away from home, did he just leave the family and never come back?  There is only one record of him that I have found and that's his marriage record to Leah.

1- 1880 United States Federal Census
2- 1900 United States Federal Census
3- 1910 United States Federal Census 1930 United States Federal Census for Death Certificate

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+Sadie M. Edingburg- Downz - and her Family

    Sallie M. Edingburg was born June 22, 1878 in Tennessee,  so far I haven't been able to find if she was born in Athens Tennessee or Chattanooga Tennessee.  Since she's the first child and her next two siblings were born in Athens I'm thinking she probably was born in Athens, also.
She was born Sallie named after her maternal grandmother Sallie McKeldin but I've only known her as Aunt Sadie my great aunt.
I don't know why she changed it but Sadie remained her name till her death.
In the 1880 census she's living in Chattanooga at age two.

First error I see in the census is the spelling of Daniel's name, If you didn't know his name was Daniel and you look at the census you would first think it's David but looking at it closely you can also tell it's Daniel.
Daniel, Minnie, Sallie and Daniel's sister Mona are living in the home together. 
Daniel is working at Rolling Mills in Chattanooga. 

Here you can see how Daniel's name is spelled and how it could be mistaken for David.

The 1900 census has Aunt Sadie living with her parents and her seven siblings.  

MinnieBell Edingburg
Daniel Trigg Edingburg
Hattie Edingburg
William Sherman Edingburg
Georgia L. Edingburg
Blanche M. Edingburg
Theodric Roscoe Edingburg

It also shows Aunt Sadie working as a school teacher.

and Daniel her father is a contractor.

The next census shows Aunt Sadie married and living in Chicago, Illinois.
She married Charles Downs on June 21, 1903 in Des Moines, Iowa.
Note: She also changed the spelling of her last name from Downs to Downz later on.

She's 40 years old living with her husband Charles and their one daughter Charlee and their two sons Lawrence and George, the other person is listed as a widowed roomer

I never met Aunt Sadie's husband but I did know her children and her grand children.

This is a picture of Aunt Sadie and her brother Daniel taken in Aug 1961 in Chicago.  You can really tell they are related even with both wearing glasses.
The only way I can describe Aunt Sadie was she was difficult.  I'm not sure what her life was like growing up, or her married life but she wasn't an easy person to be around.  The only thing that comes to my mind is she was mean.
My recollections of her are mostly us driving to Chicago, Illinois to visit her, we only visited because her sister my grandmother who lived with us wanted to see her sister and even though none of really liked Aunt Sadie my father would still always drive out to Chicago so my grandmother could see her.  I don't ever remember it being a fun trip or visit. 

 Aunt Sadie had a cat named Kitty Tom and he was her baby, when we would come to visit, Kitty Tom apparently didn't like children so he would always try to scratch me, he was a very aggressive cat and my dad always wanted her to put the cat in another room while we were there but she wouldn't do it. 

 Then she would never offer us anything to eat or drink, and she would carry the loaf of bread around with her no matter where she went, like we might eat it all if she left it in the kitchen. So we always took food for us to eat and we always stayed in a motel, my grandmother would stay with Aunt Sadie, I don't know if Aunt Sadie treated my grandmother good or not while she was there because my grandmother would never speak a bad word about anyone even if it was true. 

   I remember one time while visiting Aunt Sadie, her daughter Charlee was there visiting also and both of them are pretty much the same disposition not very friendly. Charlee was about as bad if not worse than her mom, she went to the store and bought food to eat for dinner and we were there, they cooked the food and didn't offer us anything, but it didn't matter as we had already eaten before we showed up. 

   My dad said that when he was little Aunt Sadie still wasn't as bad but still she didn't have a friendly way about her, she would give him used socks with holes in them for his birthday and his brother also.  When you would mention Aunt Sadie, everyone pretty much got a sour expression on their faces. 

Aunt Sadies two sons Lawrence and George were really nice, we visited with them and their children and had a great time at their homes. So I suppose I'll never know why Aunt Sadie was so unpleasant, she was the only one in the family like that.
I don't have any pictures of Charlee her daughter or Lawrence but I do have a photo of George below:

These two are of George, he was really nice, we use to visit him in Manhattan, NYC.  He had a girlfriend I remember who use to have a beautiful singing voice, she sang in night clubs and when we visited she would come home in the evenings all dressed up in her evening gowns all glitter and jewelry. I also remember they both smoked cigarettes and we would always sit outside on the terrace so as not to breath that stuff.
    They had a piano in their apartment and Ethel, George's girlfriend would sing and play for us, my grandmother would sing with her, their favorite song to sing was Smoke Gets In Your Eyes, fitting considering that Ethel smoked like a chimney, but luckily she didn't smoke inside when we were visiting.

My knowledge about all of Aunt Sadie's children and grandchildren is limited, what I do know is her daughter Charlee had been married three times we lost count after that and as far as I know she continued to live in Chicago, Lawrence married Christine J, Lawrence had a daughter named June, not sure if Christine is her mother, June had polio and I remember her walking with a very strong limp.

   June was very intelligent, she went to college, studied Spanish and was fluent, but the problems with the polio caused her to have so many surgeries that eventually she ended up mentally messed up.  We heard that she jumped out of her apartment building window to her death. So far no one has disputed that.  I'm still looking for records to prove or disprove, but from what family members have said it appears to be true.  I would just like to find physical evidence, maybe this post will help to solve this for me if someone in the family reads it.  We called her Juney she was very nice and always had a nice smile. 

George had a son named Gary Gomez Downz, I don't know who his mother was, I never met her or even heard her name, when we would visit, Gomez as we called him was 8 years older than I.  Gomez was fun, he was always picking me up and carrying me around for some reason, I remember that because almost all the pictures they took he was picking me up, he did that to all the children around him. He was fun and really nice, he had a brother named Joseph I think Joseph was not a full brother because no one knows much about him but he wasn't George's son. 

This is the only photo of Gomez I have he was born Oct 13, 1942, I'm still trying to contact Gomez's two daughters  in Peekskill New York to see if I can get photos and more information about him. He passed away in
August 2, 2009.  I never knew where he lived as an adult I thought he was  in Chicago but apparently not. I happened to find Gomez on while updating my site and that's how I found out the names of his two daughters and his wife's name.  I hadn't seen Gomez since I was a really little girl. I don't even remember what year.

In the 1930 census it shows:  

Aunt Sadie living in what looks like in an apartment or home where they rent out rooms.  She's living with her husband Charles and their two sons.  Sadie was doing sewing at a dress maker shop and Charles was a porter at a department store. 

I have not found Aunt Sadie in the 1940 census. 
Charles Henry Downs her husband born October 23, 1876 Chattanooga,Tennessee.

The 1880 Census shows Charles Downs age 4 living with his parents Cad Downs born 1838 Mississippi and mother Milly Downs born: 1840 Mississippi, and his 8 siblings.
The first two siblings are born in Mississippi the rest of the siblings are born in Tennessee.
Cad's occupation is a Teamster
and William works as a Drayman.

Cad's father is from Virginia and his mother is from Mississippi.

The 1910 census shows Aunt Sadie and Charles living in Chicago

The 1910 shows Charles working as a Singer in the Theatre in Chicago. Then in the 

1920 census is shows him working as a Singer in Vaudeville.

Then he registers for the WW1 Draft.

Charles passed away on July 11, 1935 at the age of 58 in Chicago Illinois.

Aunt Sadie lived to be 89 years old she died: Feb 17, 1968 in Chicago, Illinois.

I found an obituary that was posted in Chattanooga, TN

Chattanooga Times
Feb, 19, 1968
Downz-Mrs Sadie ( Sallie Edingburg) of 7121 St Lawrence Ave, Chicago, passed Saturday.  She was the sister of Mrs Blanche Traylor of 1902 Ivy St.  Funeral services will be held Wednesday at 11 o'clock am at the Catholic Church.  Rosary will be said Tuesday  night 9 PM at  Jackson's Funeral Home 7350 Cottage Grove, Chicago.  Announced through the courtesy of Hardwick & Sons Funeral Home, Chattanooga TN. Telephone 267-1244

Even though Aunt Sadie wasn't easy to get along with I am still happy that I got to know her, and be able to write something about her for future generations to read.  I'm sure she probably endured lots of hardships that I don't know anything about which probably contributed to her disposition. 

I found her in the 1940 census 

and also found this:
so apparently she was a member of a women's group and she had a meeting at her home in Chicago.

 1880 Census,
1900 Census
1920 Census
1930 Census
Cook County, Illinois Death Index
U.S. World War 1 Draft Registration Cards 1917-1918,
Chattanooga Times Newspaper, Chattanooga Tennessee.
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+Shantung Edingburg Zuber, "Military Tribute to my Dad"

There were over 2.5 million African American men who registered for the draft as well as many black woman who also volunteered.  During their service to their country they experienced prejudices and segregation but they met the difficult task and carried on.  They served their country with honor, made contributions to the war effort, and earned compliments and accolades for their endeavors and sacrifices.
This is a Tribute to my Dad .

Shantung Edingburg Zuber
 B: November 28, 1923 Chattanooga
Hamilton County, Tennessee
Branch: Army
Enlistment date: Dec. 2, 1942
Released date: Jan 6, 1946

Shantung Edingburg Zuber

   His enlistment records shows Residence Tennessee, Hamilton Co. enlisted: Dec 2, 1942, enlistment city: Camp Forrest
branch: Air Corps, Grade Code: Private.

My dad didn't talk very much about the war part but he talked mostly about his travels during the war when he had leave.  He said that all of his spare time was spent touring the cities where he was stationed, seeing as much of the country and native people as he could possibly  squeeze in.  He never drank alcohol or smoked cigarettes so he used what money he didn't send home to his mother for his travels.  One time he said that he hitchhiked all over Italy when he was off on leave. The native people would  always pick up a soldier in uniform or even an American for that matter.  He had no problem getting anywhere he wanted to go.

This is a letter my dad wrote to his brother (Theodric) who was 3 years younger than my dad.  
It says:
Hello Brother,
Received your letter and answering in return as soon as possible.
So you remember what you said on your letter well you are right exactly but don't say anymore about it.  To send your picture in your chosen outfit  I know it's hard. 
I've gotten too large for everything of mine.  Don't know exactly how tall I am but anyway it's six something. I'll be back to fill  in as I left but this time in the real manner.  Don't send the watch.  Thanks a Take care of yourself and don't over do it.
Tell everyone hello.
                                              Shantung E. Zuber

Some of this letter didn't make any sense to me but I'm sure they knew what they were talking about.   I remember my dad saying that after he got in the Army he started growing like a weed, just getting taller and taller.
I'm thinking that the outfit in the photo he's talking about might be his own, because Theodric didn't have a uniform, he was till living at home.

When my dad passed away, he left behind his wallet, I have that wallet now and what amazed me was he had about 10 little papers folded up neatly that he had kept since his Army days.  I've scanned them and will now list them on this post.  I know for sure that I took that trait after him, I'm not a pack rat but I do save things that have meant something to me no matter how long ago it was.

This was one of the items front and back.

It shouldn't surprise me that he kept some of this stuff.  He even brought back two army blankets which I have now, that he used while in the Army, the blankets look like they have seen better days, I even use them as throws sometimes when it's cold.

Apparently  he was in the hospital I don't know for what reason. 

Here he's granted a Liberty Pass for the day.  I'm sure he took off on his tour where ever he was.  He loved traveling.

The City Tour is his tour of Naples and Volcano.  He wrote to his mother a  letter telling her all about Italy and it's art and buildings. As you can see he really enjoyed seeing his surroundings.

Pontifical Commission of Sacred Archaeology Rome 
Ticket d 'input for the 
Catacombs of St. Callisto 

the price  15

Another item in the wallet.  these items didn't take up any space at all the paper is really thin except for the business looking cards. 

MVSE Galleries 
Ponticie Library Apostolic 

lire six

War Department Finance Dept. The amount of $200.00 being sent to Georgia E. Zuber, Shantung's mother. 
I know from what my dad told me, he sent his mother as much money as he could and only kept what he needed to live on and do his sightseeing and travel. 
This next one is another letter my dad wrote to his brother:

It reads:
Dear Brother,
received your letter on the 28th.  "Say" you asked me if I've seen any one that you know, "Well" no haven't seen a person I know since the day I left home ? in 42.  Now you know that's strictly hell no stuff
   Boy I'm falling off, I weigh 175, three pounds lost, hot weather no good. These scales were
wrong I'm 6 ft tall.  I know you're taller
than that aren't you. 
I'd like to have a fruit cake send one if you can thanks
No activity just the same old thing head down and ass up.
Well boy, I'll knock on back before long, tell everyone hello fro me
So long
                                    Shantung E Zuber

My dad talked a lot about shooting rifles, and I know for a fact that he loved to target practice.  He taught my brother and I how to shoot very early, I was 7 I remember.  He was so good at it, I use to say he could shoot a strand of hair sitting on top of a coke bottle and of course the chip off the old block that I am, I still love to shoot targets.  He was just as good at shooting bow and arrows.  Which he also taught me as well.
It appears that he and his brother had a language all their own from the letters I've read. 
Next is a letter that he wrote to his mother while in the service in Italy and Algeria, Africa.

Post marked December 18, 1944,
it reads:
Dear Mother,
My birthday has passed promoting me to the great age of seventeen going backwards now advancing one year and subtracting two.  I'm somewhere in Italy, so therefore I ran into it here, and was rather cheerful  ? to location.  I had the opportunity to visit Oran while in Algeria also Naples here in Italy visited the volcano Vesuvius.  If you remember the Vesuvius erupted back in the year of two thousand (ad) and destroying the entire city of Pompey, but now has been dug completely from under solid  rock which 2000 year ago was hot lava.  Oil paintings by famous artists were still there as if they were painted yesterday their population was 2500 having killed 5000 after erupting three days, went through the rooms and parlors of the King and Queen, and their friends parlors and belongings.  Some of the tools of their bakery shop are used
Page 2

today their wash basin is large concrete trough receiving it's water from the mouth of  a statue and the part of the concrete that they rest on to drink is worn out, can be seen good after all of these years.. They really believe in their architectural 
building, high columns a face or statue about every where you look.  The gates of the city closes at twelve 9 PM) and person that comes later are left out side until morning, collected souvenirs from everywhere having some lava enclosed in glass.  The lava from the small volcano is constantly bubbling up to my estimation it's more dangerous than the larger one because the larger has erupted twice while the small one hasn't erupted at all, and not much higher than sea level, the larger was heard over on thousand and four hundred miles and seen over  200.  You should have seen the reins Cathedral  those large columns are  marble the platform is solid gold, beneath and below the pulpit of an angel rich with diamonds reflecting to all corners of the church, it's really beautiful, I wish you could see it, and to

Page 3

the left is Christ on the cross, and Mary standing below with her hands clasped, his flesh has been scraped to the second layer at the end of ?  scar is rolled back ?, and blood is streaming off the entire body is mangled up and looks the same all over, the spikes looks nasty pierced through his hands leaving the flesh open.  Thrones pierced i his head and  blood running down his face. This artist really knew his job, had his statues to the left of his work, his paintings were all over the church in every little corner that could be seen, also statues that presided and shepherds and their sheep.
  The churches in Naples run from the eleventh century up and made on the same order, The total amount that is looking from the port ????? hundred or over,  In touring the city I find it's very interesting, but so badly bombed.  Some buildings are so old they've lost their architectural  corm and looks more like a bank. The Italians as a whole are very congenial due to their country having been riddled and treated so brutal.  Come to think of it this is Caesar's home.  Naples is

Page 4

somewhat of a city the best yet since I've been in the Army bit of entertainment, gobs of clubs, movies, and dances, the blocks are arranged as in the states, go and come, and never get lost.
There's no monkeys, and apes in North Africa.  the people there  are as those in the states only they don't have their desired clothing, but live good considering, Africa there is said to be a century behind speaking only of there.  So Africa could be more yet but anyway they live up to that century using mostly horses and wagons, very few factories that could manufacture auto's and other convenient necessities most of their heavy trucks run by steam add by cold & wood and steam to the ofset of ours that you very seldom see in old USA.

This is the envelope this letter was in. not all the letter is here but enough to tell a pretty nice story of his army live over in Africa and Italy.

I remember my dad telling me all about the museums in Italy he enjoyed touring Naples so much. He was really into the artwork over there, being an artist himself I can see why.  As far as Africa goes he always said that Morocco had some beautiful women, he thought they were the most beautiful women he had ever seen.  I also know that my dad had to leave school early, so when the military service was over he went back and finished his schooling then went on to college to study art.  

Shantung Edingburg Zuber

This is his Honorable Discharge papers side one..the back of this has his information which is next.

He was discharged Jan 6, 1946, and married my mother, Naomi Cleopatra Banks on March 20, 1946 in Rossville, Walker Co. Georgia.

He departed his life:
July 28,1983 Parlin, NJ.

I doubt a day goes by that I don't think of my dad, we were like two peas in a pod,  He was the person I went to talk to about anything. He was a good listener and was always fair in his judgments concerning me. Thank you for being the best father ever, thank you for your service to our country I miss you greatly, and will love you always.