Monday, August 21, 2017

Solar Eclipse , "September 21, 2017"

We went to Sullivan, Missouri to watch the Solar Eclipse. The drive up there was fast, no traffic on the way. we left at 7:30. stopped once, arrived about 9:30am.  We went to a Flying J Truck Stop..
There weren't many people there when we arrived so we got a good space on the end next to the grass front and that way no one would be beside us on the driver side.

Around 11 am more people arrived, but still it never did get packed.  There were people from Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, New Mexico, Mississippi, Texas, Oklahoma, Florida, Arkansas.
There were a lot of Amish people that drove in from Indiana, they said that they came in a big van load. the van was really long and loaded with Amish people old and very young.

The people that parked next to us were from Texas..

We stayed for the entire eclipse. it was awesome. Very happy that we went and stayed for the whole thing.  After that we headed home, there was traffic for about 45 minutes then it cleared and the rest of the trip were hardly any vehicles at all.
We arrived home at 7:30 pm. 

The woman in the photo taking a picture of the eclipse was parked next to us. when it went into it's Totality, the lights came on in the parking lot and she started pictures , she was from Texas. 
There were some really beautiful motor homes, travel trailers and vans, people were quiet then when the Totality happened they all started yelling like crazy.. it was quite funny.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

 Pauline Rita DuFauchard-Williams was born:
 April 17, 1933 in  Chicago Illinois, and Died: January 5, 2017 Chicago Illinois to: Paul DuFauchard  and Anita Edingburg, 

She married Castor Zebulon Williams, October 11, 1952 in Cook County, Illinois.
They have two daughters living. 

There are also three siblings, a brother and sister still living and Preston Paul DuFauchard deceased.
She has two grandsons and one granddaughter.
Also two great grandsons and one great granddaughter.

 Pauline is my second cousin, she's on my Edingburg side which would be my paternal grandmothers side.  I never had the chance to meet her in person, but I did talk to her on the phone.  
When I was researching the Edingburg side of my family I put a post on Rootsweb looking for people related to Daniel Trigg Edingburg, That post sat with no replies for years probably seven years or more then I got a reply and from there this is how I came in contact with this large part of my family that I had no idea existed. Since then I have kept in constant contact with my new found cousins.

Pauline said that my dad and his brother would go to Chicago from Tennessee to see the family.  She remembers them both being so handsome and the girls always saying how handsome they were. I knew nothing of this, for some unknown reason no one in my immediate family said a word about these cousins in Chicago.

Pauline's "Dufauchard"  side of the family is from New Orleans and originally from Paris, France.
I'm doing research on this side of her family as well.

Pauline worked for the Curtiss Candy Company, she would bring bags of candy home for her family. The company started business in 1916 located on Illinois Street and Ogden Slip. Starting out with Babe Ruth candies, Later the company sold out to Standard Brands moved the facility to Franklin Park in 1966. The company would go through several more transfers of ownership. They made Butterfinger a popular candy.  

Curtiss Candy Co. Illinois Street and Ogden Slip, Chicago, Illinois


 While doing some research, I've found that there might be a large amount of royalty on the DuFauchard side. it appears on Jean Baptiste Dufauchard's side, there are several famous people like:
King Charles 11 of England,  King Friedrich 1 of Prussia,  Catherine de'Medici, Isabella Clara Eugenia of Austria, Vincent Price,  Barbra Streisand, Jack Kerouac, and Madonna. I will be researching this more.

Pauline with her grandson
This is Pauline with one of her grandsons. I'm hoping to add some stories about her, plus where she went to school, and also to post where and when these photos were taken.

 She looks so carefree in this photo.  I wonder what she was thinking and what was going on at that time.


Love her smile in this photo. 

Todd and Pauline

Todd and Pauline, that's a cute picture. 


I wonder what's on her mind?

Pauline at Christmas

She's eating. I don't think that was her favorite thing to do. I like her sweater.


Sort of a smile here.  

This is all the information I have a the moment, I will update as I get more information.

Photo of Pauline's husband Castor.

Castor Zebulon Williams


David Daruska,, photo of Chicago, Forgotten Chicago 1968.
Other photos provided by family members.