Saturday, December 28, 2013

Matthew !!! Great Uncle??? or Gr Grandfather???

   Matthew Lawrence Davenport

b: November 14, abt 1870 Porterville, MS
d: November 1, 1965, Porterville, Kemper Co. MS

Matthew Lawrence Davenport's story and my search to find out the truth is so long and dragged out, so I'm going to try and condense it the best I can.
   When I first found out about Matthew, it was through a first cousin once removed, she actually had two surnames, Grantham and Davenport and no first name.  Then through another cousin I found out his first name was Lawrence Mack Davenport, still not the correct first name but getting close.  Then I go visit my aunt and she shows me a picture of a man it's in a oval looking sort of Tin Type frame, and on the back it has some writing: Mr Davenport, no first name and also some other writing which I can't make out and a question mark after it.  This time frame has spread out now from 2001 - 2007. 

 So I take a picture of her photo and some other pictures she had of the family and when I flew back home I immediately got started researching.   The first thing I did was post a query on Rootsweb with what little info I had.  Then my aunt calls me and says I should call my cousin Walter and ask him. I hadn't see Walter since I was a little girl, didn't even know where he was living now or anything. She gave me his phone number and I called.

He gave me lots of information, said he's been researching for many years before the internet, and he was finished looking, he gave me a CD with photos, several family trees.  So I get to work again researching, still no Lawrence Mack Davenport, but a year later there Mack is. I figured that just hadn't posted his information until then.  I finally found him..So cool.  I also found out that "Mack" was his nick name.

Then while on I find a person that has a photo of a man that looks like Matthew but an older picture of him, I'm sure it's Matthew, so I contact this person, he says he's related to the Davenports has lots of information except his information doesn't match up with mine.

He says that Matthew is my great uncle not by gr grandfather, and that my gr grandfather is William B. Davenport which is Matthew's father.  I immediately called Walter.  Walter says no he's wrong, my grandfather is Mack, I've met him, some of my children have met him, they use to visit him in Mississippi.  They visited Matthew off and on until he died in 1965. 

The other cousin had no communication with Matthew. So I knew then that Walter's story was what I was going with.
This is a photo on the left of Matthew with my great uncle Ollie.  You can see how they favor each other in features,(father and son), taken in Porterville, Mississippi.
 My aunt died not long after my visit with her and a couple of years later her daughter, my first cousin, sent me the photo of Matthew in the oval frame to keep, she said she knew I would love to have it since I did the family research.  She has been really great with trying to remember stories that were told in the family and sharing photos that she finds.
The census and record keepers back in those days didn't record everything correctly, plus some people didn't always know exactly when they were born, I've found many census records with incorrect dates, even military records .
So now the puzzle is solved.  I can now place my gr grandfather in his correct position in the family tree.

More on Matthew in upcoming blogs


  1. One thing for sure is you got GREAT photos. Keep in touch with Ancestry cousin. I can't wait to hear more. I hope this DRAWS some new cousin info as well. Great Post. Dragged Out leads us to new roads.

    1. Thank you True Lewis. I'll keep

  2. I think it is wonderful when family members share photos, memories and notes. The photos in the story are great as the really add to your words. It must be exciting meeting new relatives and getting more answers to your family's history. You did a great job telling Matthew's story. I love how he poses in the two pictures.

    1. Thank you Bernita. I love getting photos, finding new cousins and sharing, I wish I had known about Matthew while he was alive, I would have been old enough to get to know him for many years before he died. Yes I noticed that he has the same type of pose in each

  3. As I read your story it was heartwarming! It is always nice when you have people to support your passion to locate family info!

    1. Thank you Delores, I'm glad you liked it.

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    1. Thank you Teresa Vega,I think that the perfect name for detective, that's how I feel most of the time.. maybe I should apply for a

  5. Very cool pictures! Great work, I'm looking forward to hearing more!

  6. Wow, great story with beautiful pictures. Cant wait to hear more!