Sunday, December 8, 2013

My Great Grandparents, Part 3, Daniel Continued

      Growing up I always heard that we were Choctaw, Creek and Cherokee. We did the normal Native American things, we went to Pow Wow's, I danced in the Pow Wow's, I taught myself how to do the bead work and made lots of items to sell to some of the dancers that did the Pow Wow scene.  I made breast plates, feathered dance fans, shell shakers, moccasins. 

We went to Stomp Dances, just pretty much did the whole Pow Wow circuit.  All along though we never had any proof as to if the Native American family story was really true.

A few years ago, my cousin Mark flew down to Chattanooga, TN and met his sister Sue there, they were in search of some information on the Edingburg line.
They went to the library and started looking through records and found some documents where Daniel had filled out an application for the Eastern Band Cherokee Guion Miller Roll, these are the documents that he found..They not only told an interesting story but provided us with our 2nd and 3rd great grand parents names as well as the 3rd great grandparents children's names.

Letter to Daniel from the Roll Office:
Letter from Daniel to the Roll Office:

Here is the First page of the Application for enrollment in the Guion Miller Rolls:

Page 2:
Page 3:
Page 4:

Page 5:

After all this correspondence the application was rejected because it was filed too late.

Source Citations:

Chattanooga Library, Chattanooga, TN


  1. While I know your family was probably devastated that the application was rejected, all these years later it is still a blessing to find the documents.

    1. I know M. Dawn that was a wonderful gift sent by the ancestors.