Saturday, August 30, 2014

+William Edingburg " Update "

A while back I wrote a little about William Edingburg my 2nd great grandfather, saying who his slave owner was and where.  My cousin Mark went to Virginia to check records and found out that William was born a free man.  
William's wife was a slave and was owned by James Dunn in Albermarle Co. Virginia.

William did own some form of property like a farming implement and he did cosign  some papers  for someone as shown here in these two  documents.

Virginia Freedmen's Bureau Field Office Records 1865-1872

Virginia Freedmen's Bureau Field Office Records 1865-1872
It also appears that William can't write as it shows an X where he marked his signature.

Rachel also is in the Virginia Slave Births Index 1853-1865 Volume 2 D-G Alexandria Library Local History/Special Collections. it shows:
Dunn,James; Barbara Ann; Rachel; Mar 1858; Albemarle.  So apparently Rachel had a daughter named Barbara Ann a new person to research now.
 James Dunn was Rachel's slave owner.  

The research continues trying to find out more about William and Rachel.  

Family, Virginia Freedmen's Bureau Office Records 1865 1872


  1. Wow, this is really good news. Good luck with your search. Great job telling what your cousin found.

  2. Thank you Bernita. I have even more to write about he's found out more information.