Wednesday, August 6, 2014

A Book I Bought

The other day I was searching for some information about my gr grandfather Jordon Zuber, he owned a grocery store and according to sources it was a very well known and prosperous store he owned it before 1903 and kept it running even after he died by his daughter in 1940. 
So while searching which I never did find out what the actual name of his store was, I came across this book that peaked my interest.  It's called " African Americans of Chattanooga, A History of Unsung Heroes by Rita Lorraine Hubbard.

Well the book arrived today so I was glancing through the book and came across my other great grandfather mentioned in the book Daniel T, Edingburg. they of course always spell his surname incorrectly but he's mentioned in the book, it says:

There was D.T. Edinburg, a Negro contractor who had just been elected to a four year term as school commissioner at large, and who had accumulated an extensive amount of property in Chattanooga.
 All which is true as I have documents and also oral history about him to validate.  

Then I'm glancing some more though the book and find Daniel's oldest daughter Sallie Edinburgh,  ( note the spelling) as listed in Room 3 and her teacher was FN. Day.

There was no mention of Jordon L. Zuber but I noticed that there might be Book 2 coming out so may Jordon will be in that book.

This was exciting to find today. I bought the book because I had a feeling that either Daniel or Jordon or both would be mentioned in the book plus I wanted it anyway.  It also shows the picture of Walden Hospital where my dad was born and Howard School where both my parents and uncles and aunt went. That was a great find because I've been trying to find some information about the high school but with no luck.  

It's a very interesting book, now I'm going to start reading it.

Hopefully one of these days I'll find out what my gr grandfather Jordon's actual grocery name was.  It might mean a trip to Chattanooga to check out tax records about the grocery store.  For a while I thought it might be named Zuber Grocery, then another thought was Whiteside Grocery but somehow I'll find that out. 

African Americans of Chattanooga, A History of Unsung Heroes by Rita Lorraine Hubbard

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