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+Ellen McKeldin & Family

  This is the story of Ellen McKeldin she's my great grand aunt, born to:
Sallie McKeldin b: abt 1825 and Sandie McCammis date of birth unknown.
Ellen McKeldin was born March 1862 McMinn county, Tennessee
The first census I find her in is the 1870 census, where she's living with her mother and siblings, she's 13 years old.

So far I haven't found her in the 1880 census. She married Jeff Reagan August 20, 1880 in McMinn Co. Tennessee
She isn't listed as living with her mother in the 1880 census either so she must have missed that year.

Jeff Reagan was born 1863 in Tennessee and probably died around 1909.

Ellen and Jeff had nine children listed below:

George Dixon Reagan  May 25,1881-Dec 3,1922, Athens, TN
Jeff Daniel Reagan Nov 17,1884 -Jan 9, 1968, Athens TN
Mattie Evelyn Reagan Jan 3, 1889 -Feb 25, 1971, Medina, Ohio
Mary Francis Reagan Dec 31, 1891- Jan 12, 1957, Athens, TN
Sallie Reagan  Nov 13,1893 - Feb 10, 1943, Athens, TN
Hattie Reagan  March 22,1894 - Aug, 1980 , Athens, TN
Ellen Reagan  1895 - ?
Ada May Reagan 1897 - ?
Edward Alexander Reagan -  April 28, 1904 - July 1, 1957, Athens,TN

The 1900 census shows Ellen living with her husband Jeff and all their children.

Jeff's occupation is a Day laborer and Ellen is a washer woman.

In the 1910 census Ellen is a widow and her children are living with her.

Ellen and Jeff's children and their spouses listed below and what I know about them.

George Dixon Reagan married Mabel Jordan, 
Jeff Daniel Reagan married, Rosie L. Love,
Mattie Evelyn Reagan married Edward J. Keith.  Here is a photo of Mattie which I was able to acquire through a relative through marriage.

Mattie Evelyn Reagan

Mattie is in the middle. She would be my 1st cousin 2x removed. I don't know who the two ladies are on either side but I'm hoping to get that information
Mattie and Edward were married November 18, 1906 in McMinn County Tennessee. I haven't found out what happened to Edward, Mattie's first husband, they had two sons:
George E. Keith 1907-1981
Robert A. Keith 1908 - 1982

Edward either passed away or they got a divorce, but Mattie is married for a second time to Luther McElrath August 15,1892- July 9, 1969, Athens, TN.  Luther and Mattie were married June 19,  1918.  McMinn Co. Tennessee

Mattie Reagan and Luther's tombstone in Hammonds Cemetery, McMinn Co, Athens, Tennessee.
Mary Frances Reagan married William Richard Carden b: 1890- 1957, their children are:
Clyde E. Carden
Jessie Carden
Helen Carden
John W. Carden

Sallie Reagan married Alexander Hunter b: 1885 TN.
I haven't found any children for them so far.
Hattie Reagan, I haven't found a husband or children.
Ellen Reagan no husband or children found so far or date of Ellen's death or where.
Ada May Reagan no husband, children found nor date or place of death
Edward Alexander Reagan no wife or children found.  He's buried in Hammonds Cemetery, Athens, TN, he died of tuberculosis.

This is all I know about the children of Ellen and Jeff Reagan.  I'm still researching Jeff Reagan Sr, Ellen's husband to find out exactly when and where he died.

What I still need to find:

1) death date of Ada May Reagan and if she was ever married.
2) death date of Ellen Reagan and if she ever married or had children.
3) Jeff Reagan Sr. actual death date and where he is buried, which is   
mostly like Hammonds Cemetery, I just haven't found him there yet.

I never knew anything about the McKeldin or Reagan side of the family growing up. The only photos I have are the ones that Jay Strong sent me of Mattie Evelyn Reagan. Thank you Jay for sharing with me. 
Genealogy has taken on a new level for me, the ancestors come alive through my research, and I've gotten to know them pretty well considering.  It's amazing how much you can actually learn about a person just from census records and through family stories, and just because I've written a post about this family doesn't mean there won't be another one, because as I find out information and receive photos another story will be waiting to be written.


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  1. You are really working your magic on your Ancestors. Keep writing and telling their stories, you are doing a great job.

  2. Good documentation - I look forward to reading more!

  3. Hi Xzanthia,

    I really enjoyed your post because, as Angelo mentioned, you provide documentation of your journey. As a fellow genealogist I love to see the tools you used to help put the family history together, especially if you never met them personally. You never know when a record you post might inspire someone else to take a closer look at their own research. I'm certainly not knocking anyone who already has all the i's dotted and t's crossed, but I think it just makes a more interesting story to take the journey with you. Great job!

  4. Wow Thank you T Neal, I am totally enjoying this adventure of getting to know my ancestors through research, Sometimes I feel like I know them better than living I sense them giving me nudges and dream of what I should be looking for. If I could go back in time and meet my ancestors face to face I think I'd have a sense of belonging right from the start.

    1. i TOTALLY understand the "nudges!" you're doing a wonderful job with tracing your folks and sharing what you know, and what you're still looking for, with the blogging world. great post, and good luck to you with your research!

    2. Thank you Tracey, my ancestors have been very helpful.

  5. The photos were wonderful. Reagan got some good surnames up and great research. 1825......I liked this and Mattie! Very Informative. I hope some new found family reads this. Look forward to reading more.

  6. Glad you enjoyed it True, it's been so much fun blogging, who would have thought I'd be doing this.