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+Smith Moore and his Family

    Smith Moore my 2nd great grandfather was born January about 1825 in Alabama, in 1818 seven years before Smith was born, Lauderdale County was established, and in 1819 Alabama became a state. On May 10th 1865 the Civil War ends and Smith marries Julia Wells on August 9, 1865 in Giles, Tennessee.
I haven't found any other information about Smith other than the census records. He and Julia have five children listed in the 1870 census:

Henderson Moore b: abt. 1852 Al
Julia Moore          b: abt. 1854 Al
Mollie Moore         b: abt  1855 Al
Harrison Moore     b: abt  1857 Al
Elvira Moore         b: abt  1861 Al

Smith's occupation is listed as a farmer, left blank are able to read or write.

The next census 1880 shows Smith Moore age 55 years of age, still living in Florence, Lauderdale, Alabama with his wife Julia and some new information, Smith's parents are listed as being born in Virginia. Smith is still a farmer, and he has a nephew David Kelley 4 years old born 1876 Alabama, mulatto, and another nephew Andrew Brayn born 1875 age 5, mulatto.

Since I don't know much about Smith's life before 1870 I did a little research to see what the area was like during his life time in Florence.  The first courthouse was built in 1822 and was used by the county until 1899 when it was remodeled and enlarged.  A number of important industries were in use in Lauderdale County because of the abundant water supply, there were cotton and cloth mills. One being used before and after the Civil War.  There was another mill that made cloth for the Confederate Army Uniforms and another for guns for the Southern Cause.  Union soldiers destroyed  both, and one was destroyed by the creek flooding.   
   By the 1900 Census, Smith Moore age 75 is still living in Florence, Lauderdale Co. Alabama and is widowed.  He has:
 Ella Moore age 8 born Feb 1891 Al. black, relation to Smith, stepdaughter. 
Allen Moore age 7,  born Feb 1893 Al, black, stepson.
Arthur Moore age 2, born April 1898 Al, black, stepson.
Samuel Moore age 3, born Nov, 1897 Al, black, stepson.
Smith's occupation Farm laborer, cannot read, cannot write, can speak English and he's renting a house.

I did a little research on Smith and Julia's children.
Henderson is working on a farm in 1870 and single, I haven't found any more about him so far.  
Julia no new information on her yet.
Mollie, married Henry Bell Key on Aug 12, 1877 in Lauderdale Co, Mississippi. Mollie is my gr grandmother.
Harrison Moore married Josephine James in 1884.  Josephine was born about 1859 Alabama.  They had eleven children.
Elvira Moore unknown so far.
I haven't been able to find out when Smith Moore or Julia died, or where they are buried ,but I am still researching all the family for cemetery records, birth records, marriages, and more.  This at least gives me a picture into the life of Smith Moore and his family.
My dream is that someone related to Smith Moore and Julia will read this and share information, photos and stories.


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  1. What a cool name. I hope you find the information you are seeking. Smith Moore sounds very interesting. Good job.

    1. I hope so too Bernita, this side of the family I'm just having to do a lot more research just to get tidbits. I'll keep searching,

  2. Now that you have posted what you know about Smith Moore and his family, hopefully the ancestors will come through and more information will be forthcoming. Thanks for sharing with us.

    1. Yes M.Dawn, I know Smith will be helping, I could feel him through the whole process guiding me. He wants to be known. So I'll keep researching.