Saturday, January 4, 2014

+Sallie McKeldin my 2nd Great Grandmother

   Sallie McKeldin  b: Aug abt 1825/1833 McMinn Co, TN
                                   d: Dec 13, 1917 , McMinn Co, TN.

   My research on Sallie has been on hold for a long time, I haven't been able to locate any information about her husband as of yet.   Sallie had six children:
Mary McKeldin b: 1851-?  
George McKeldin b: 1853- 1933  
Minnie-b: 1855-1940  
Ellen-b: 1862-1935
Hattie-b: 1865-1925
David-b: 1869-?

Sallie is in the 1870 census as head of household, widowed, and all her children are living with her. In the 1880 Census Sallie is 49 years old, listed as mulatto, occupation servant and no children living with her. By the 1900 census, Sallie is 70 years old listed as head of household, Black and she now has two of her children back living with her and two grand children.

  I've have suspicions that Sallie's children were actually fathered by Andrew W. McKeldin.  Sallie has worked for the McKeldin family as a servant, two of her daughters have also worked in the McKeldin household. During my search for information about Sallie, I found a person on that lists Andrew W. McKeldin as Sallie's husband.  I question that bit of information.  Later I found a death record for Ellen that had her father as : Sandie McCammis.  I  did research on Sandie but came up with nothing.

About two years ago I found a McKeldin that had Hattie McKeldin in his family tree, I sent him a message and asked if he was related to Sallie, he wrote back saying that he didn't know who Sallie was but that he didn't know very much about the family.  He sent me what he did know and also said that his family has been having a family reunion about every other year. I wrote and asked him where and when but never heard anything back.
Just a few months ago I got an email from the same man wanting me to write him, he sent two email addresses, and two phone numbers and asked me to either call or write as soon as possible..Wow I thought I had finally lucked upon some information. It wasn't what I expected, he said that they were having a family reunion July 25 and 26 ,2014 in Georgia. 
I called him and we talked about the family, He didn't know about Sallie, nor did he know about my great grandmother Minnie McKeldin-Edingburg, I sent him pictures of Minnie and all the information I have so far to date.  I did look into the 1850 and 1860 slave schedules for Andrew McKeldin and found a mulatto woman that would have been the correct age as Sallie but of course no name was listed for the woman. My next project will be to check out the probate records, wills, land records to see if Sallie or her children are mentioned in any of Andrew's documents.

Since I'm not one to give up easily, I will continue to search through records, when we go to the reunion this summer I will look through all the records I can and hopefully I will find something more about Sallie.

Sallie is buried in Hammond Cemetery, Athens, McMinn Co. Tennessee as is most of her family.

Sallie was born on this plantation
Sallie's Obituary

General Brazelton Sallie's first slave owner

General Brazelton older age.



  1. I hope you are able to find out more on Sallie when you go to the reunion. Looking forward to reading more.

    1. Thank you Andrea, I hope so too, it's suppose to be a large reunion and they usually change the location every other year so that people don't have to travel so far. One year the reunion was in Orlando Florida, year before last it was in Chattanooga, this year Georgia.

  2. Very interesting post. I can't wait until you learn more about Sallie. Keep up the good work, researching and writing about your family.

    1. Thank you Bernita, I can't wait to learn more about Sallie also. She's been the most difficult of the ancestors to locate so I'm expecting great pay off from's got to be interesting.