Monday, July 21, 2014

St Louis Trip

Last year Malcum and I went to St Louis to meet with Brunette a cousin of mine. It's a long dragged out story but to make it short, I thought she was a cousin only through marriage of my grandmother's sister Pearl marrying William Lee Holloway, but as it turned out through DNA testing I'm actually related.

So I found out that Brunette was living in St Louis, from a cousin on Facebook, so I got her phone number and called her.  That conversation led to a visit last November 2013.  We went there got to meet her and visited only for the day then drove 4 hours home.

This time, we decided to visit for four days so we could really get to know each other and share information, photos and more.

Last week went to St Louis arrived Friday around noon. 

 Brunette and I discovered that we share a lot of interests, Brunette turned 85 this year and she never stops, she's always busy doing something.  We share that in common, I'm constantly moving doing something some where.  Both of us love jewelry, we like to sew and buy clothes then remake them the way we like them by either adding additional items to the piece  or cutting off something and changing it totally. 
I was telling Brunette that I was getting into head wraps learning how to do the different styles, now Brunette is going to the thrift stores looking for long scarves to use for head wraps or material that might work.
The list goes on and on how much we have in common, we don't share one thing in common, I don't like country music in any way, shape or form and she likes it.  I'm sure there are other things that we don't and do share, but it's been interesting finding out all this fun things about how we connect with each other.

While in St Louis Brunette drove us to Sweetie Pies Upper Crust, we got to meet Miss Robbie and Charles.  The line to get into Sweetie Pies wasn't too long but it was very hot outside that day.  Miss Robbie's staff brought out ice water for people to drink while waiting on line which I thought was really nice and thoughtful.  Then Miss Robbie came out to greet the bus that was either arriving or leaving I'm not sure which it was, but she got on the bus and greeted all the people had her photo taken with them, then when she got off the bus, she came to our line and took pictures with those that wanted one taken, and of course we  got our picture taken with her, then when we got inside we had several pictures taken with Charles.  Miss Robbie is really a gracious lady, she's very down to earth and so sweet, Charles is very nice and shy but friendly, he has a nice smile.   He was helpful also I was trying to buy two T-shirts and see if anyone would sign them and he said that everyone was gone but him and Miss Robbie's sister and he said that he would sign it, but when I went to get the T-Shirt they didn't have any of the right sizes, So that's for another trip there.

Then after Sweetie Pies we went to visit a cousin that I had never met her name is Annie and she is 94 years old.  We didn't visit too long because there was food in the car but I was happy to meet her, she has a good memory still but doesn't get around because of a stroke.  

The next day some family members come over that I got to meet and we stayed home mostly just visiting and talking about the family tree, with me taking notes, videos and getting as much information as I could.  I was even taking photos of photos of some of the ancestors.  lol

We arrived in St Louis on Friday about 1pm and left for home Tuesday about 9:30am.  Monday morning Brunette took us to the Missouri History Museum, that was fun, I hadn't been to a museum in probably 15 years of any kind.  

Our trip was so much fun, we got to meet other cousins, Brunette and her nieces and nephews decided to have a get together on Monday evening the day before we were leaving, they brought food, and we visited until almost midnight, took lots of photos and really enjoyed the evening.

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