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+Susan Love-Zuber ( 52 Ancestors #9)

    My search for my great grandmother Susan Love-Zuber began back in 2001,at that time I didn't know either of my gr grandparents names. Once I started researching on the internet I found my great grandfather's name Jordon L. Zuber but all I had for his wife's name was Susan or Susie in some of the census records.
Eventually after many Rootsweb posts someone there found Susan's maiden name in 2010 and the bonus was they found her parents names, their place of locations and her siblings. Also listed was her mother's parents names and their children.
Susan was born:  Susan L. Love b: April 1876 in Etowah County, Alabama to William Love b: 1850 N.C., and Leah Whorton b:  1854 Alabama.

In the 1880 Census Susan has two brothers and three sisters.
Henry Love  b: 1872  AL
Oma Love    b: 1873   AL.
Alice Love   b:  1874   AL
Maggie Love b: 1875   AL
Love ( 6 months old boy) b: 1879 AL
Leah is listed as married but William her husband isn't listed on this census and I haven't been able to find him on any other census.

Susan and Jordon Zuber marry January 16,1895, Susan is 19 years old. Also note that Susan's father in this  1900 census is listed as being born in Tennessee. Also Susan's listed as being born in Tennessee.  

It says in the 1900 census that Susan cannot read or write but she does understand English, and she's not working outside the home.
Also Garnett the oldest son is Jordon's son from his first marriage, this isn't listed in the census but I already knew this fact.

Susan and Jordon are living with their children:
Garnett Zuber b: !891 Rome GA.
Shantung Zuber b: 1896, TN
James Zuber b: 1900 TN

In the 1910 census Susan is living with Jordon and their children:

Shantung, Cephus and two new children:
Alberta b: 1903 TN
Elbyra b: 1906 TN

The census taker spelled their names wrong most of the time especially Cephus and Elbyra.
Jordon is a retail merchant and Susan isn't working outside the home.  They owned a grocery store since before 1904. They still have the birth places wrong.

I've searched for them in the 1920 census but haven't found them yet. In the 1930 census they are still living in Chattanooga with some of their children and one grandchild.
Jordon is still in the retail grocery business. Susan is a Hairdresser at home, Cephus is 29 still living at home and single he's working as a Sprayer for an Enamel Plant, Alberta is working at a Dress Cleaning Plant as a Presser and Elbyra is doing nothing.  Elbyra's son Louis Woods is living in the household.

What I know of Louis is, he was born in Michigan about 1927, his father was from Canada.  From the stories I've heard, Louis grew up to be a very handsome young man, but he hung around trouble makers quite a bit, gambling and all sorts of things that were illegal, he use to visit my dad quite a bit when they were teenagers, he apparently did one bad thing and got himself stabbed to death at a very young age. I haven't found his death certificate or anything about his death. it could have been in Detroit Michigan or Chattanooga, All I know is he didn't show up anymore and my dad found out he'd been killed. My dad said that he was okay when he visited, didn't get into trouble but when he left to go back home he would start getting into trouble again.
   Elbyra was about the same as her son Louis, she stole my grandmother's check's out of the mail box and was cashing them.  I asked if they turned her in and apparently they didn't but it ended.  I don't know if she got any kind of help or punishment for that but she did things like that a lot. So her son followed right in her footsteps. Elbyra died at a young age, 36 from Physical Exhaustion, Manic Depressive Psychosis, it says manic type for 12 years previous as stated on her death certificate.
So I'm sure Susan and Jordon had their hands full with her living at home again.
Susan dies on July 31, 1939 after being in Erlanger Hospital for 3 days.  She dies of arterial hypertension, arterialsclerosis, Cerebral hemmorage Rt. hyperstative pneumonia. She was buried in Highland Cemetery, Chattanooga TN. She is survived by her husband Jordon.
She died in the hospital I was born in.

Some things I would like to find out:
What happened to Susan's father William, he didn't show up in any of the census records.  Was he working away from home, did he just leave the family and never come back?  There is only one record of him that I have found and that's his marriage record to Leah.

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3- 1910 United States Federal Census 1930 United States Federal Census for Death Certificate


  1. Another very interesting post. Hope you find the answers to your questions.

  2. I hope I find the answers also, it took me so many years just to find the people. There must be someone out there that can give me the answers.