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   In 2009, my cousin took the Y-DNA 46 markers through Ancestry.com.  The results were: Paternal Haplogroup R1b, which is apparently the most popular haplogroup in Europe.  Then in 2012, I took the ancestry.com autosomal DNA test which shows the blend of both parents DNA.  In 2013, I took the autosomal DNA test through 23andMe, mainly because I was hoping to find more relatives to share information. My maternal haplogroup is: L0a2a2. which is around Ethiopia, Kenya, Mozambique. 
Here are some results of the tests:

One of my Admixtures from Gedmatch.com

I also sent in my raw data to Dr McDonald, his findings on my breakdown of the African tribes were: 
Ethiopian, Bantu Kenya, Mandinka, and Yoruba and my European side Dr McDonald said that I had more French Basque than any of the other countries.

Eurogenes K13

I find it interesting that each Admixture that I try out on the website, I get pretty much the same results except that there might be a new country that was added, or one removed and a different one added, that is usually for the smaller percentages though. 
Also if I wait a month or so the results change a little, I might lose a percentage of my European and add more of the African.  

My mother's Maternal Haplogroup is L0a2a2, what I find interesting about this haplogroup is that out of all the dna cousins I've received on 23andMe which is like 1138 cousins, not one other cousin has L0a2a2.  I'm wondering why not many fit that haplogroup. 

Africa9 Oracle Results. Single Populations.

This is the DNA test that my cousin Darryl took for the Paternal Haplogroup, side of the Zuber family. 

This is the information about the R1b Haplogroup. This is from Ancestry.com on my personal site where the results are kept.

The Paternal Compare where they match the test results with other people closely related to you. There is a very close match on this one.

From DNA testing on 23andMe.com I have 1.6% Neanderthal Ancestry.

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